Welcome to Gem Lake, Minnesota

Truly a jewel, the unique City of Gem Lake is ideally located close to both downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis. Incorporated in 1959, we have a tradition of protecting our local history and natural environment. Our city's quiet residential neighborhoods and thriving commercial district make Gem Lake a special place to live and work.
The residents of Gem Lake are just minutes away from recreation, shopping, restaurant, and entertainment venues. And for families with children, there is a wide choice of public and private schools available.
Visit Gem Lake and you'll find that it’s a very special place to buy or build a home, or start a business.

Weather for Gem Lake, Minnesota

Updated: Fri., 4/25/14 2:26 AM
Currently: Fog / 36 F


Thu 04/24/2014
Temp: 34/46 F
Conditions: Partly Cloudy

Fri 04/25/2014
Temp: 35/65 F
Conditions: Mostly Sunny

Sat 04/26/2014
Temp: 39/58 F
Conditions: Mostly Cloudy

Sun 04/27/2014
Temp: 45/47 F
Conditions: Few Showers/Wind

Mon 04/28/2014
Temp: 43/50 F
Conditions: Rain

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